IBC Push Rack Unit

For Ignitable Liquids

Front View Rendering of Safespill IBC Push-Rack Unit

“Plug and play” protection for ignitable liquid storage


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Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)

425 ft2 (38.8 m2) 24 ft x 17 ft x 26 ft

Product Storage Capacity

24 IBCs or palletized containers

Total Water Demand

650 GPM @ 75 psi / 2,461 LPM @ 5.2 Bar

Discharge Pumps (included)

8 – 3″ air operated diaphragm or 5hp electric centrifugal pumps

Power Demand

800 CFM / 30 KW


Starting at $235,000, including suction pumps and installation


  • Easily store and move composite IBCs in push rack
  • Enables different high flash point liquids to be stored safely


  • The unit is based on Safespill’s High Flow Flooring System
  • Water deluge sprinkler system, no foam
  • Deluge activated by linear heat and flame detectors
  • In case of a spill without ignition, liquid detection will activate spill removal only
  • Discharge piping ties into existing containment or a dedicated above ground containment tank
  • The unit is chemically compatible with all hydrocarbons, alcohols and solvents (nickel plating is offered for aggressive chemicals)
Rendering of the in-rack sprinklers in the Safespill IBC Push-Rack Storage Unit

In-rack sprinklers are located on each level.

Rendering of ceiling sprinklers inside the Safespill IBC Push Rack Storage Unit

Ceiling sprinkler to protect forklift operator and lateral discharge area.

Side View Rendering of Safespill IBC Push Rack Unit

Inside view of unit without sidewall.

Rendering of flat nozzle sprinklers inside the Safespill IBC Push Rack Unit

Flat nozzle sprinklers create a water curtain.

Rendering of the different sprinklers installed in the Safespill IBC Push Rack Unit

A combination of the sprinklers provides adequate coverage to all IBCs.

*Sidewall not shown on renderings above.