IBC Staging Unit

For Ignitable Liquids

Rendering of Safespill's IBC Staging Unit with 2-way Access

“Plug and play” protection for ignitable liquid staging


  • Safely stage ignitable liquids in composite IBCs for distribution


  • The unit is based on Safespill’s High Flow Flooring System
  • Water deluge sprinkler system, no foam
  • Deluge activated by heat and flame detectors
  • In case of a spill without ignition, liquid detection will activate spill removal only
  • Discharge piping ties into existing containment or a dedicated above ground containment tank
  • The unit is chemically compatible with all hydrocarbons, alcohols and solvents (nickel plating is offered for aggressive chemicals)


Download Data SheetDownload the Datasheet

Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)

2 Way Access:
940 ft2 (87.3 m2) 47 ft x 20 ft x 10 ft
1 Way Access:
740 ft2 (68.7 m2) 37 ft x 20 ft x 10 ft

Product Staging Capacity 24 IBCs or palletized containers

Total Water Demand

350 GPM @ 75 psi / 1,325 LPM @ 5.2 Bar

Discharge Pumps (included)

4 – 3″, air operated diaphragm or 5hp electric centrifugal pumps

Power Demand

600 CFM / 22 KW


Starting at $165,000, including suction pumps and installation

Rendering of IBC Staging Unit with one-way access.
One-way access for units that need to be placed up against a wall
Rendering of IBC Staging Unit with deluge sprinkler system activated
Deluge sprinkler system provides overall coverage to all the IBC totes
Top View rendering of IBC Staging Unit with 2-way access
Top view of two-way access (discharge piping connection not shown)